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From Carterpillar to Butterfly

We are all in a process of collective and individual transformation from the old to the new Earth. We all feel that we have to change fundamental things. That we are invited to let go of what we are used to in order to come further into our magical uniqueness and to truly follow our heart’s path. I like to call this state “In-Between-State“: a state between the old and the new. This state is comparable to the stage of the caterpillar in the cocoon. The stage before the caterpillar becomes a butterfly. Some also compare this stage to the birth canal before we are born anew.

And because this topic of self-determined rebirth is so relevant right now, I received Magic Identity Shift like a download from the Universe. A self-study programme that supports you in freeing yourself from your old self and transforming into your new self – that you most probably already feel bubbling under the surface inside of you. It is a version of you that is even closer to your true essence. And therefore brings with it a more fulfilled life. Because your identity creates your reality.

You are meant for more – dream big!

With Magic Identity Shift you will:

  • Realise your status quo and how your identity relates to your reality.
  • Identify and release old, outdated and limiting blockages, beliefs, patterns and dependencies.
  • Define and manifest your Next Level Version.
  • Work with timelines to consciously choose your new identity and new reality.
  • Recognise your own boundlessness and experience how you can get closer and closer to your Higher Self.

Course Outline

  • Opening Circle
  • Session 1: Identity = Reality
  • Session 2: My Old (Current) Me
  • Session 3: My New (Future) Me
  • Session 4: Identify Blockages
  • Session 5: Breaking Chains & Letting Go
  • Session 6: Integrating the New
  • Session 7: Timeline Work
  • Session 8: Without Limits
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Bonus: Next Level Identity Manifesto

Are you ready?

Magic Identity Shift is for you when you are ready for your Next Level Version. When you are ready to not only see or feel it on the inside, but to truly embody it on the outside. You are in the right place both if you have yet to define or concretise your new version, and if you already see the beginnings of your new version and want to put it into practice. This journey will be as deep and transformative as you allow yourself to be.