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Are you searching for yourself and your purpose? Do you want to know what your innate talents, gifts and abilities are? Do you want to understand how you are connected to the Universe?

Then an astrological analysis of your birth chart is a very valuable tool – because it helps you to understand yourself in depth.

You have incarnated here on Earth with special gifts and talents and follow a unique soul plan that allows you to have the experiences you chose as a soul. Knowing what your essence is and where your journey is taking you connects you powerfully with yourself and gives you a better understanding what your purpose is on Planet Earth. This knowledge in turn allows you to live a more fulfilled life of joy and ease in harmony with the Universe.

Are you ready to decode your soul essence?

In an astro birth chart reading we look at your astrological birth chart in depth to find your dispositions and abilities, your dominant life topics and challenges, your soul path as well as clues to your purpose. I combine classical western astrology with psychological and soul astrology as well as my extensive knowledge of over 7 years of applied astrology.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of your own energetic composition and learn some of the basics of astrology at the same time. After your reading, you will also receive your birth chart and the key points of the reading as a PDF to read and study further.

Astro Birth Chart Reading

What to expect from an Astro Birth Chart Reading:

  • 1 session of 90 minutes birth chart reading
  • Clarification of your questions regarding your birth chart
  • Your birth chart as a PDF
  • All important information from your birth chart clearly summarised in a beautiful PDF for you to read as many times as you like and study further
  • Practical impulses and suggestions for implementing the findings from your birth chart

After the Astro Birth Chart Reading:

  • … you know your Big 3 (sign of the sun, ascendant, and moon).
  • … you know which dominant life topics, dispositions and abilities you have.
  • … you have deep insights into your energies that resonate in the primary areas of life such as vocation/purpose, finances, love/partnership, or family and friends.
  • … you know your soul path from an astrological point of view.
  • … you have a better understanding of the challenges and wounds you came on Earth with.
  • … you understand your unique energetic composition.
  • … you have a basic knowledge of astrology and how to read your birth chart.

Let’s explore your energetic blueprint!