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You know that there lies so much more within you. That there is still so much hidden that you would like to let blossom and bring into the world. And yet you don’t know what it exactly is and how to set if free.

What if you understood yourself in depth?

You have incarnated here on Earth with special gifts and talents and follow a unique soul plan that allows you to have certain experiences. Knowing what your essence is and where your journey is taking you connects you powerfully with yourself and gives you a better understanding of your purpose on planet Earth. This knowledge in turn allows you to live a richer life full of joy and ease in harmony with the Universe.

Essence Digging

Are you ready to unlock your soul essence?

In Essence Digging we look at your astrological birth chart, your Human Design chart and your Gene Keys profile to uncover your assets and abilities, your dominant life topics and challenges, your soul path and purpose. The three charts complement each other perfectly and form a unique blueprint of your beautiful essence.

Based on this information and insight, we explore what you are already living and what you may still integrate – especially with regard to your current challenges and goals. You will receive impulses on what you can implement and how to integrate it in everyday life in order to live more out of your true essence.

What is special compared to individual readings in either of those disciplines is the valuable and targeted combination of all three concepts and the practical application in your life. You will not only gain a deeper understanding of yourself, but also have tools at hand that help you implement the insights in reality and dive deeper on your own after the reading.

What to expect from Essence Digging:

  • 3 sessions of 90 minutes each within 6 weeks
  • Essential information from your astro chart, Human Design chart and Gene Keys profile
  • Practical impulses and inspiration for implementing the insights from your charts in everyday life
  • Support to own and live your true essence
  • Your astro chart, Human Design chart and Gene Keys profile with the most important key points in PDF format

After the Essence Digging …

  • … you know what your assets and abilities are.
  • … you recognise dominant life topics and challenges that you can encounterin life.
  • … you have decisive clues for your soul path and your purpose.
  • … you know your place in the Universe and how you function in the whole.
  • … you can make clearer and faster decisions in harmony with your essence.
  • … you realise the connections in your life.
  • … you have tools at hand with which you can continue to work for yourself.

Let’s connect with your deepest essence!