Logo Identity Shifting
  • that deep inside of you there is already a new version of yourself, but you don’t know how to unlock it
  • stuck in between your old identity and a new identity
  • trapped in limiting believes, outdated habits, and the comfort zone that block your ascension
  • confused what to do to free yourself from the past
  • desperate to align with your essence and truth to live a fulfilled and soul-led life of purpose

If you recognise yourself in the above statements, you most probably are in an in-between state, where you feel a new version of yourself wants to be birthed, yet the past is still lingering around you.

Conscious Identity Shifting is the “midwife” to help you out of the spiritual birthing channel

Your identity is the sum of the definitions you give yourself and others have given you. As soon as we incarnate we are assigned to labels, such as name, gender, and birthdate, to recognise who we are and distinguish us from others. Throughout life, your identity is constantly changing because with each experience and realisation you have, you will see yourself and the world a little different and adapt accordingly. Identity shifting therefore happens naturally. Yet if you know the concept and principles behind it, you can also consciously shift your identity and use it for your growth towards your higher self.

Identity Shifting

Re-connect with your higher self and re-claim your divine blueprint

Identification and des-identification are crucial parts on our soul’s journey from separation to oneness. We play with identities until we align our identity with our essence, ultimately realising that all labels we bear cannot grasp our true nature. Depending on where you are on your spiritual journey, you may feel confused and stuck in an “identity crisis”, want to activate a new version of yourself, or already thrive for approximating your human identity to your divine blueprint.

  • Define your next level identity that aligns with your divine essence and truth
  • Uncover self-sabotaging mechanisms, ego structures, limiting beliefs, attachments, and energetic blockages that hinder to live your most authentic self
  • Rewire limiting believes and clear patterns that keep you stuck in the past
  • Rewrite your stories about yourself and your life to create a new narrative
  • Unlock hidden codes of potential to embody more holistically who you truly are
  • Awaken an empowered self concept where you clearly see your soul purpose
  • Connect with your higher self to receive own inner guidance
  • Align to a higher timeline of your soul path and follow your heart’s calling
  • Return to your high vibrational divine self and soul blueprint to feel inner wholeness

The Identity Shifting mentoring includes:

  • 6x 1:1 sessions to guide you through your journey and provide you tools that enable you to shift your identity and align back to your soul essence
  • Practical exercises and journalling questions between the sessions to accelerate your transformation
  • WhatsApp support (Mo-Fr) to receive answers to your questions and channelled impulses from me

Let’s free your next level version!